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Ms. Nur Izzuny
What you will learn
At the end of this lesson, students would be able to understand about biotechnology correctly.
Learned by 16
Operations on Sets
Ms. Nur Izzuny
What you will learn
Through this lesson, students should be able to understand operations on sets correctly.
Learned by 6
Pembukaan Kota Mekah
Cikgu Azlina Zainal
What you will learn
Melalui pembelajaran ini, murid dapat mengetahui kronologi peristiwa pembukaan Kota Mekah dan faktor kejayaan pembukaan Kota Mekah.
Learned by 21
Grammar - Modals
Eds Consultancy
What you will learn
This lesson will help you to improve your English grammar. In this lesson, we will be revising on the use of 'can', 'may', ' might', 'shall', 'should', 'will', 'would' and 'must'. Please follow me!
Learned by 220
Pakatan Murni
Mr. Nik Mohd Nazir
What you will learn
Melalui pembelajaran ini, pelajar akan dapat memahami tentang usaha penduduk dalam mengadakan Pakatan Murni serta Pilihan Raya Bandaran Negeri. Semoga soalan yang telah disediakan ini dapat membantu para pelajar.
Learned by 25
Kos Pengeluaran
What you will learn
Melalui pembelajaran ini, pelajar dapat menerangkan maksud kos dengan jelas.
Learned by 17
Kegemilangan Kesultanan Johor Riau
Teacher Jamuna
What you will learn
Melalui pembelajaran ini, pelajar dapat mempelajari kegemilangan Kesultanan Johor Riau dari aspek pusat perdagangan dan pengurusan pelabuhan.
Learned by 68
Properties of acids and alkali
Ms. Gan Yee Yin
What you will learn
This subtopic will explain about the properties of acids and alkali
Learned by 243

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