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Real success stories from Osem Teachers

I feel excited in joining Digitalize Lesson Kaw Kaw as editors guide me to publish the lesson perfectly within a short period of time. Despite feeling competitive to get the prizes, I received weekly royalty directly into my account. Really recommended!

Eric Tang Tien Yong
Science Teacher

I am a newbie who just joined Osem to participate in Digitalize Lesson Kaw Kaw and find that this platform is really easy to use! Through Osem, I can reach not only my students, but also students nationwide to learn my lessons.

Rosmawati binti Shaharuddin
Pendidikan Islam Teacher

I find the leisure in creating lesson in Osem as it is very convenient to use. Although there are times when I couldn't complete my lesson immediately, the lesson will always be autosaved and it's very hassle free.

Cikgu Elyani
Sejarah Teacher