Mr. Eric tang tien yong
291 lessons
Simple me as an educator in Malaysia. I have 5 years teaching experiences and have exposed to oversea's teaching experiences like teaching in Taiwan. Come and learn science, you will love it with my teaching materials. Easy and simple to click on and I love to explore new thing and see the amazing of the nature. I always bring my students exposed something different and show them a lot of videos. Besides that, I love watching Korea drama series/ anime, love to play music and sing, Semi-extrovert guy which love sports AKA sport teacher. I am also a saxophonist and pianist in real life. I teach both of the instruments and do as a conductor in a choir team.
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  • All
  • SN, Tingkatan 2 (66)
  • BI, Tingkatan 5 (46)
  • BM, Tingkatan 5 (44)
  • SN, Tingkatan 5 (37)
  • SN, Tingkatan 3 (36)
  • SN, Tingkatan 1 (22)
  • SN, Tingkatan 4 (20)
  • SEJ, Darjah 5 (12)
  • M3, Darjah 5 (8)

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